About Macala, the artist

Maria Clara Trujillo (Macala), was born in Bogotá, Colombia.
A daughter of the painter Sergio Trujillo Magnenat and the ceramist Sara Dávila. Macala grew up in an environment that cultivated her passion for artistic expression.
After studying architecture, art and education, she started painting professionally in 1986 and made her first exhibition in Kingston (Jamaica) in 1990, followed by several exhibitions in art galleries and museums in Bogotá, and international exhibits such as the Rambouillet Salon (Ile de France), Cote d'Azur (Cannes), Val d'Or (France), Centre d'Art St. Jean (Bruges, Belgium), Poirel Nancy (France), and Houston (Texas).
Her art comprises several techniques and styles, from the colorful Colombian landscapes in watercolors, acrilics and oils to expressive human figures in pastels, monotypes and sculptures in clay, bronze and latex.

Macala Portrait